Many of the photos I post show the final staged room from the projects I do. So today I thought I would give you a glimpse of the staging process and how I get a home staged from top to bottom in a matter of a few hours. First of all, I should introduce you to the Wall 2 Wall crew!

Little Landrey Lange, my trooper, who is up for anything and everything, as long as she is with her daddy! She is in and out a daddy’s girl and he loves every minute of it!
Cue the moving crew……….or in other words…… husband, Chris,  and my son, Cole. They are the muscle behind the business (whether they want to be or not!!!) I couldn’t do it without them and I appreciate their willingness to spend their Saturdays moving furniture in and out of houses for me.

And here we have the lovelies all taking a quick break. Landrey, Berkley, and Payton. They each have their own job when we are staging and I think we finally have it down to a pretty good science. Basically, Landrey hangs out with Chris, Payton unpacks totes, and Berkley and I organize and set-up. There is always a pay-off at the end of the day for the crew to keep them motivated. I mean, heck, I don’t want to work for free and I don’t expect them to either. I like to treat them to a lunch or shopping trip after a good day’s work. Like I said, I couldn’t do it without them. When we arrive at a home, it typically looks like this. Empty and sad. The owners have already moved out or perhaps the décor and furniture needs updated and refreshed, which is where we come in. I tour the home before we get there and decide what furniture and décor will work in the home. I spend a few  days beforehand packing totes, tagging furniture, and organizing my inventory so that it is all ready to go and be moved to the home we are staging. The more organized I am, the quicker and easier the job goes. Just ask my family! 🙂

Once we pack up our cars, we head to the home and unload. This usually takes an hour or so. After everything is inside and in various rooms, we start to unpack. I like to say it looks like a bomb went off for the first hour. Cole has an obsession with bubble wrap and will continuously pop the wrapping paper just to scare the crap out of everyone! Funny??? Not so much…..okay maybe a little. But for as much as they get distracted, they are also a HUGE help. I need to constantly remind myself of that little fact because it is easy to forget.  Once the team gets busy, large furniture gets placed and then we set out the small décor. Berkley usually takes over at this point and tells everyone else what to do. That kid has a talent and knack for decorating. A chip off the old block. We can usually have the place situated and decorated within an hour or two. Now, that doesn’t mean it is picture perfect by any means. What that really means is the totes are unpacked and most of the décor is out and sitting around, and I am running around like a  crazy person trying to set up each item before we leave. Once I feel like I have a good grasp on what other items I may need to get, we make some notes and get on outta there. Payton will take photos for me and make notes of what else I may need to bring back. She helps keep me on track. It is nice to scroll back through the pictures after we leave and mentally prepare for my return.

At this point, we take the rest of the day to go do something fun and I am secretly planning my return for the next day. I will head back to the property another day and spend a few hours really situating and organizing, hanging artwork and curtains, and primping each area until it is picture perfect. This is my favorite part of the process. In the end, the client gets a beautiful space that shows well on the MLS and draws buyers in. Once they open the door, they are welcomed with a warmth and coziness that hopefully speaks to them so they want to purchase the home.

I think money spent on staging is well worth the investment, don’t you?