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You only get one chance to make a great first and lasting impression! When homebuyers walk into a home, they are looking for up-to-date spaces that mimic the ever-popular HGTV style. Do not disappoint them! Wall 2 Wall Interiors and Design has a full line of staging inventory that reflects the latest trends. Our furnishings and accessories take a vacant or plain home and turn it into a showstopper! Our staging package includes more than just furniture. You also get artwork, accessories, drapery, rugs, lighting, bedding, décor, and so much more. We pay attention to every last detail, right down to the welcome mat. Give us a call for a free consultation to get your listing SOLD!

Is your commercial or office space lacking that “wow” factor? Are you unsure of how to create a functional yet stylish area? Let us take care of that. We can transform a cold, dark, dingy area into a beautiful and stylish room that welcomes each person who walks through your doors

We can help with the following: Painting, drywall, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, demo, design services, and much more. Call for a free consultation to get the office space that sets your business apart from the rest.



Seller-Walk Thru Service:

No homeowner likes to be told that their home is anything less than beautiful. My job as a stager is to take the burden away from you so that you can focus on your client and I can focus on getting their home in tip-top shape. I offer a seller walk-thru service that provides the homeowners a very realistic ‘to-do’ list. Topics covered include décor, furniture layout, clutter, pets, odors, and everything else related to your client’s home. Your homeowner will receive the to-do list that very day. They can tackle the list on their own or they can opt to have Wall 2 Wall Interiors and Design take over and get it all done in a matter of days.

Offer this service to your homeowners for a flat fee of $100. Your client receives the following:

1.) An appointment with our home stager who will walk through the home room by room, to discuss how to improve the overall look of the home.

2.) A handwritten to-do list specific to the client’s home. Items covered typically include furniture arrangement, clutter, personal items, décor, pets, odors, etc. Our stager will also discuss how to prepare for the MLS photos so all your photographer has to do is show up and capture beautiful images.

3.) Homeowners will be given beneficial information that explains the importance of preparing for showings, staging their home while they are living in it, tips and tricks to keep clutter and everyday messes under control, and much more.

Our walk-thru service is a great tool for you to have in your portfolio and it makes your job so much easier!



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